10 Really Awesome Reasons to Support DeSmog UK

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High quality investigative journalism is scarce, climate change is largely under-reported, and the mainstream media has largely abandoned efforts to do either.

Independent media can be the antidote to this. But it needs support.

That’s why DeSmog UK has launched a crowdfunding campaign, to humbly ask you, dear reader, to give what you can to help us continue our important work.

You can donate via Indiegogo. And if you give £25 or more, you’ll even get a natty DeSmog UK-branded reporter’s notepad, so you can become a crack environmental journalist, too.

Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons you should support us:

1. We have maps.

Awesome maps. That show all the connections between powerful interests lobbying on things like climate science denial and Brexit.

Want these kept up to date? Want us to expand them and uncover ever more links? Please give what you can.

2. You've read something weird suggesting climate change isn’t a problem.

Want to check the source? Well, great news - we created our Disinformation Database just for people like you.

Want it regularly updated, allowing you to combat the nonsense and look really f*cking clever to your friends? Chuck us a £ or two.

3. We don’t really trust social media, and neither should you.

Which is exactly what our investigation into Facebook and fracking revealed.

That took a load of time (and therefore money). Want more of that kinda stuff? Hit ‘donate’.

4. When we have enough resources, we can do really goddam big investigations.

Seen Chloe Farand’s Empire Oil series, which blew the lid on dodgy UK companies listed on London’s junior stock market drilling for oil in Africa? It was great (even if I say so myself).

Want more? Help us out…

5. You care about activists getting a fair hearing in the media.

Fed up with the mainstream press just interviewing swampy and major corporations? We can help with that.

Our reporting from the frontlines of the UK’s environmental protests makes sure the underdog gets heard.

But great journalism costs money. To keep it going, please give what you can.

6. You like your climate and Brexit news digested and just a little bit ranty

In which case, our weekly newsletter is the one for you!  It also often comes with cat gifs, if that’s your thing.

Sign up here, and donate to keep it happening here.

7. Did I mention we do maps?

Heading to university and want to know how ethical its investments are. Well here’s a map showing which universities have divested from fossil fuels.

Want to keep it updated? Pledge a little of your student loan here.

8. You knew #ShellKnew right? If you didn’t know, it’s time you knew.

We’ve trawled thousands of pages of docs to report on just what Big Oil knew about climate change and when.

We want to keep digging, but need your help to do so.

9. Keeping track of who’s who in government can be tricky at the best of times.

And since Brexit, the revolving doors are spinning faster than ever. Fortunately, we keep track so you don’t have to.

To keep us going until the next reshuffle or (whisper it) election struggle, please give a little.

10. There is a fossil fuel company trying to bribe its way into your community.

Fortunately, you can keep track of all the latest shady Big Oil sponsorships with our Greenwash Database.

Want us to keep tracking? Please give what you can.

We know we’re not the only ones in this boat. But we don’t take any money from corporate sponsors, and we don’t do advertising. That means all our work relies on charitable donations from kind folk lke you.

So, if you can, please donate to keep DeSmog UK holding power to account, and investigating the story behind the story on climate change.

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