Harry Wilkinson

Harry Wilkinson


Harry Wilkinson is a researcher at the climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

He has privileged access to parliament through being listed as an aide to GWPF founder Nigel Lawson in the House of Lords.

Stance on Climate Change

Describes targets set in the UK’s Climate Change Act as “draconian”.

Key Quotes

August 2017

On renewables:

Everyone knows that renewable power is inherently unreliable, or as engineers put it: ‘intermittent’. Nonetheless, there is a plan in place to become ever more reliant on these technologies for our electricity supply.”

July 2017

On shale gas in the UK:

Opposition from local groups and green NGOs is proving to be a significant barrier to further development. Much of this opposition is fuelled by misinformation campaigns, which repeat discredited claims about the hydraulic fracturing process. These campaigns have even been linked to Russia, where lower gas and oil prices are having a big impact.”

Key Deeds

July 2018 

Wilkinson published a blog post on The Conservative Woman attacking the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and describing it as “the cult of anti-CO2” and a “bonkers committee” following an interview of the committee's chairman John Gummer on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. 

He wrote: “The CCC is an organisation that has a set conclusion and finds the ‘evidence’ to back it up. In doing so it has the backing of most of the British establishment, who always seem to benefit from the subsidies and policies it advocates.”

Wilkinson claimed that Gummer was wrong to describe onshore wind as the cheapest form of energy generation and that China was not required to reduce its emissions under the Paris Agreement. 

Analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit previously found that 1GW of new onshore wind would cost £30bn a year less than 1GW of offshore wind and £100m less than new nuclear or biomass energy — making it the cheapest available form of new electricty generation. 

China ratified the Paris Agreement in September 2016 and has so far pledged to lower CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by 65 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The targets are due to be reviewed before the end of the year. 

Wilkinson made the comments a day after the CCC chair Lord Deben, the government's official climate change adviser, warned that politicians and policymakers are failing to rise to the challenge of a rapidly warming planet and will be judged harshly by future generations unless they act now. 

August, 2017

Wilkinson authored a CapX article titled ‘Why won’t the government admit the true cost of renewable energy?’, criticising “draconian” climate change targets.

July, 2017

Wilkinson wrote a ‘note’ for the GWPF on the State of UK Shale Developments in which he criticises local opposition groups and NGOs for “misinformation campaigns, which repeat discredited claims about the hydraulic fracturing process”.

November, 2015

Wilkinson became a researcher at the Global Warming Policy Foundation.