Dodgy Deals, Climate Denial, and People Power — DeSmog UK's 2018 Year in Review

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DeSmog UK frontpages

It has been quite a year - Brexit (still), Trump (still), and the inevitable crescendo towards the annual climate talks (which delivered a deal many think falls way short of the necessary action to avoid catastrophic climate change).

With the jingle bells ringing, and everyone rushing to get the 5.01pm train home for Christmas, now seems a good time to reflect on the year that’s (almost) past.

Revealed: US Oil Billionaire Charles Koch Funds UK Anti-Environment Spiked Network

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Charles Koch and Spiked

For years, people have speculated about who is behind a shadowy group of well-connected ‘free speech advocates’ spreading far-right ideologies and climate science denial.

Ben Pile

Ben Pile


  • BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of York. [1]


Ben Pile is a researcher, commentator and blogger. He is the co-founder and main writer of the Climate Resistance blog, which claims to be “challenging the climate orthodoxy.” [2]

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