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DeSmog UK’s Climate Year in Review

Read time: 9 mins
Science is not an alternative fact

From the endless stream of news surrounding Brexit and Trump to devastating extreme weather events across the globe, 2017 has been a monumental year.

So, as the final days of 2017 wrap up and everyone attempts to have a moment of brief relief before kicking off 2018, DeSmog UK takes a look back at the headlines and events that have streamed across everyone’s screens and impacted our everyday lives.

Introducing DeSmog UK’s Climate Disinformation Database

Read time: 3 mins
DeSmog UK climate disinformation database

This person has been in the press a lot but says some weird things about climate science – who are they, and what are their credentials?

This group seems very keen on fossil fuels, but their research looks legit – who are they, and who are they connected to?

This ‘global warming policy’ think tank is asking for a meeting, but I’ve never heard of them – who are they, and what is their agenda?

DeSmog UK’s Climate Disinformation Database, launched today, is a quick and easy tool for the public, policymakers, researchers, and journalists to check who they’re dealing with on climate science and policy.

How Much Will Brexit Cost? Billions at Risk for Energy and Environment Projects, with Final Bill Unknown

Read time: 6 mins
Brexit spelled out in Scrabble letters

It’s very hard to know exactly how much Brexit will cost the UK — it depends on what kind of trade deal and exemptions the government manages to negotiate with the EU.

But when it comes to energy and the environment a few estimates have emerged since the referendum with numbers attached, and all of them are pretty big.

If these estimates are added up, it appears that since 2000 the UK has received around £40 billion from the European Union in funding and loans which have been put towards various energy projects, smart meters, and scientific research. The UK has also received an annual £52 million towards the world’s largest nuclear fusion project.